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Leveraging Right Policies & Technologies in Taming Insecurity & Cyber-Threats

The theme hinges on the successful launch of the 5G technology in Nigeria and how it will help push back current security challenges including cyber-threats and cyber terrorism. It will also focus on digital protection for Cloud Hosting, Critical Infrastructure protection, digital inclusion in policymaking/democratic governance and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (loT), Blockchain Technology and the quest for an inclusive digital economy growth.

In-depth sub-themes:

  • Cyber Security – Protection, Privacy, and Identity
  • Embracing 5G for a Connected Everything Digital Africa
  • 6 Traits of a  Robust Cyber defense
  • 5G Innovation in Smart Cities and Bridging the Rural Divide
  • Enabling a Secure digital Nigeria
  • The Impact of digitisation on Society, Business, Economy, and the Workforce of the Future
  • Innovation Readiness – Talent, Inclusivity, Accessibility
  • Current Trends and Best Strategies for Data Breach Response and Litigation
  • Consumer protection
  • FinTech/Financial inclusion